How to Quickly Contact Your Landlords and Leads

December 28, 2021

Because saving you time is our highest priority at RentBase, we created a tool that enables you to contact your landlords and leads with the click of a button. Maintain your relationships effortlessly by contacting your landlords or leads on the go. Below is one of the many ways you can use this feature.

Here is one of the many ways you can use this tool:

Contact landlords directly from Listings page

Especially useful when contacting multiple landlords from the same area, or when off-season hits and the prospecting season comes in.

1. Click on the Listings tab

2. Click on the name of the landlord you want to contact or view

3. From the Quick-Contact box, option to click on:

A. Landlords Name - Takes you to their full profile page

B. Call - Initiates a phone call to the contact

C. Email - Opens an email to the contact

D. Send to my mobile - Sends a text to your phone with their contact info

E. See all notes - Opens a box with all your notes for that contact

Where else can you find the Quick Contact tool?





Meredith Pazol

Meredith is the Communications & Marketing Manager at RentBase. Meredith has spent the past five years in New York helping to create and facilitate community at major companies like Yelp and WeWork. Throughout her career, she has supported founders with business development and community experience through brand strategy, copywriting, partnerships, customer experience, sales, and events. She holds a BA in communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, is a certified Reiki Master, and is in training to become a Medical QiGong Practictioner.

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