How to Qualify Your Rental Leads with RentBase's Magic Link

December 28, 2021

Scroll down for a step-by-step guide on how to automate your qualification process, save time and capture higher quality leads.

Stop calling your potential Renters (right away)

With the massive number of prospective renters in today's market, you can easily spend hours every week sorting and qualifying leads. This is as time consuming as it is important. Furthermore - 95% of potential renters on RentBase indicate that they prefer initial communication to be made via text or email.

95% of potential renter on RentBase would prefer to get a text or an email rather than setting up a call.

RentBase Magic qualification link helps both agents and renters save time and become more efficient.

Our Magic Link takes care of matching renters to listings in a matter of minutes. Crafted by decades of real estate experience, the questionnaire covers every major requirement that might affect a showing go/no-go such as location, budget, must haves, parking, income, credit score and much more.

Step 1: Generate your link

Sign up to the RentBase system. Click "Add Lead" in one of these screens:

If this is your first time adding a lead, you'll be shown the empty state on your homepage, leads page, and dashboard.

Then select "Magic Link" to qualify through text (notice you have the "manual" option for the rare case when phone calls are needed):

Step 2 : Share with a potential renter

Share the link with your rental leads on any listing site (Zillow,, FB Marketplace, etc.) and any DM (emails, texts), groups or channels you'd like to onboard leads from. It just works.

Step 3: Leave it to the Renter

Upon clicking the link our renter will see a personalized landing page with your profile photo, bio and name: 

Step 4 - Get to know the Renter's requirements

Once the renter completes the questionnaire (80% of leads complete it in under 5 minutes) the inviting agent will be notified via text or email. The renter's profile will be available in the Leads tab. Here's an example renter profile, notice the quick Contact button to easily reach out to them:

Last step - Score & Match

Once you've processed the lead info, you score the new lead as "potential sale" or as high or low quality, this will help you focus on the leads that matter. By clicking Matching Listings, you can view active properties that might fit your lead’s requirements. Need to make an action in the future to close a deal? Just add a follow-up to make sure you won't forget about it.

Ready to qualify leads?

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Meredith Pazol

Meredith is the Communications & Marketing Manager at RentBase. Meredith has spent the past five years in New York helping to create and facilitate community at major companies like Yelp and WeWork. Throughout her career, she has supported founders with business development and community experience through brand strategy, copywriting, partnerships, customer experience, sales, and events. She holds a BA in communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, is a certified Reiki Master, and is in training to become a Medical QiGong Practictioner.

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