How to Import Multiple Listings into RentBase

February 7, 2022

A step-by-step guide on how to import multiple listings.

Import Multiple Listings

If you’re an agent or office with multiple listings, you can upload all of your properties to RentBase in less than 10 minutes.

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Before Getting Started

As long as you have the required information needed (read further for details), RentBase works with any type of excel or CSV file.

Need Help? type: asset-hyperlink id: 4wuT6LfjRDZxDKDAaZ977O to make sure your information is formatted correctly.

Note: If your data is not separated into columns that match the template, here is a tip for how you can separate your data in Excel or Google Docs.

For Excel: How to split data in Excel 

For Google Docs: How to split data in Google Docs

Steps to Import Multiple Listings

1) Click on RentBase at the top left corner to go to your home page 

2) Click add new listings 

3) Click add multiple listings 

4) Click upload data from file

5) Select the file you would like to upload (Excel or csv formats only).

6) A screen will appear to validate that the information went through. Select the tab you would like to upload by clicking on the drop down menu. If there is only one tab in your spreadsheet, it will auto populate to “Sheet1”. Once confirmed, click continue.

7) Your file must include a header.  Confirm your header by either clicking:

a) Yes if the selected row contains the column header.

b) Select another row if it needs to be changed.

8) Confirm that the information you have entered matches with what RentBase has determined.

a) To correct information that has been mapped incorrectly, click on the drop down menu, and choose the matching data title. Once finished, click confirm mapping.

9) Confirm or correct any data that is missing. Incomplete data will be highlighted with a red cell and will need to be corrected in order to submit.

Example of how to fix missing data: 

Note: If you see your zipcode is 4 digits and not 5, it’s because the first digit is a 0, and rest assured it will still go into your listings as a 0. 

10) Lastly, a screen will pop up asking you if you are ready to submit your data. Click yes to complete the upload

11) You will receive a message once your listings are uploaded. If your listings don’t automatically populate in your RentBase, refresh your browser.

Import Tips

1) If two or more listings are within the same address, they must be given a distinct unit number in order for all of those listings to be created. For example: If you have 3 units at 123 Main St., each listing must have a unit associated with it (123 Main St. #1, 123 Main St. #2, 123 Main St. #3.) 

2) Below is the information required to upload a listing. Without the minimum information, a file will not be able to be properly uploaded into your account. 

Required Fields 

  • Street Number

  • Street Name

  • Unit Number (if applicable)

  • Town/City

  • Zip Code

  • State

  • Bed   (For studios, input 0)

  • Bath  (For half bathrooms, input X.5)

  • Landlord Name

  • Landlord Number (min to have either number or email)

  • Landlord Email Address

  • Listing On Market (Y/N)

3) Once a listing has been created in your RentBase, you can continue to add additional details such as photos and videos in the listing’s “edit mode”. 

All set?

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