Add Rental Data Faster Using The Floating Action Button

July 5, 2022

What’s so FABulous about it?

At RentBase, we're on a mission to save you the time it takes to run a successful rental and sales pipeline.

We wanted to make sure our system represents the ease and speed of adding and retrieving your most important leasing information. Enter - floating action button, aka FAB.

The FAB is a button that can be found on any page in the system and gives instant access to your most common actions:

  1. Qualify a new lead, either manually or using the magic requirement link

  2. Add or import listings to trigger renewal reminders 

  3. Set a follow-up to nurture relationships and capture future leads

  4. Invite agents as teammates to seamlessly share listing information and showing procedures

How to use the FAB

1. Click the + icon at the bottom right of any page in the platform

2. From the FAB, option to click on:

a. Add Follow-up

b. Add Team Member

c. Add Listing

d. Add Landlord

e. Add Lead

3. You will be brought to the page based on the button you clicked.

Reminder that you can use this button at any time, from any page of the system.

Need to know how to add a landlord, listing or lead?

Read our guides below:

All set? 

> Sign in to start adding and retrieving data using the FAB

Need further assistance?

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Meredith Pazol

Meredith is the Communications & Marketing Manager at RentBase. Meredith has spent the past five years in New York helping to create and facilitate community at major companies like Yelp and WeWork. Throughout her career, she has supported founders with business development and community experience through brand strategy, copywriting, partnerships, customer experience, sales, and events. She holds a BA in communications from the University of Colorado, Boulder, is a certified Reiki Master, and is in training to become a Medical QiGong Practictioner.

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