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RentBase is the first all-in-one platform that saves you valuable hours of time to help you become a more productive agent.

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Effortlessly organize

and track all your deals 

RentBase’s unique CRM syncs with your rental database to create automatic follow-ups and notes to keep you on top of all your landlords, listings and leads. 


Make the most

of your time

Save countless hours by streamlining your lead intake with our qualifying tools, and automatically match your leads to the listings their most likely to rent.

Never let a deal fall

through the cracks 

Convert more deals with RentBase's innovative algorithm that identifies which of your past rental clients are more likely to buy or rent a new home the following year.


“It is easy to get lost in all the information you’re dealing with on a day-to-day basis. This helps you stay organized and prioritize your time so that you can be a more efficient agent.”

 - Ian C.

 Keller Williams Agent


Built by rental agents, for rental agents

With our combined decades of experience in residential leasing, we’ve created a best-in-class platform to help agents across the country save time, stay organized, and close more rental deals. 

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